"American Woman"
24X36 Oil on Canvas
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With answers coming in from nearly every continent (some pretty wild I might add), Jennifer Kurant right here in St. Louis, MO had the right answer. So what was the answer? I was looking for two things, the hidden word, and the meaning of it all.

Sometimes before "seeing" something it requires knowing what it is not. Paradox is only powerful when both sides are understood. The Arabic word embedded throughout her hair is" Forbidden". Once you seek to understand what is traditionally forbidden in that culture you start to see these very things within the painting; The unveiled hair, undiverted eye's that grab your attention, the very posture of confidence and beauty. Jennifer put it all together. American Women have come to symbolize all of these traits; Powerful inner strength and beauty with explosive confidence.

Before you think that this painting is a slight to eastern culture, it is not. I merely used the difference to make the meaning that much more pronounced. In fact, hard for westerners to understand but the practice of veiling is intended to be out of respect. The Old Testament makes reference that the woman were of such beauty that angels descended from heaven to take them for their own. Veiling was thought to help prevent such temptations.

I hope that those of you that took the time to analyze and guess enjoyed yourselves as much as I did reading your wonderful thoughts and creative minds. If you have never understood why you see people stare at paintings in a museum for what would seem like long drawn out minutes, perhaps they are on a quest of understanding much like the one you just embarked on. I hope you all will often stop and take the time to drink with your open minds and replenish your spirit.

Week 1 clue:
The name of the painting plays into part of the meaning

Week 2 clue:
If you stopped for a stare
you may note in her hair
that those scribbles spread sparsely
are not symbols but Farsi

Week 3 clue:
If you know a devout man
from Iran or Afghanistan
he may help you depict
what you see in this script

Some of you may recognize Jennifer Kurant as the beautiful model in my painting Sonar Solar which I painted while in Mexico.

Sonar Solar (Solar Dream) will be posted in my online gallery the first weekend in May so stay tuned.

"I happen to love a good challenge how about you? If you didn't already know it, I hide things in my paintings and decided to reward the first creative mind that emails me with the answer to this hidden puzzle. It's pretty simple (not the hidden meaning but the rules)

Each week I will post a new clue on this page until someone figures it out. If you think you know the answer, drop me an email by clicking HERE. If you are the winner, I will notify you by email and make arrangements to ship you "Laying" a signed 24X36 painting from yours truly which I selected ironically because it is the only "brilliance" painting I didn't hide anything in.

I will post the winning answer-message-meaning-Mc Burger here when someone cracks the code... Good Luck!!!

Original artwork created and copyrighted by TheArtistMario TheArtistMario