36X48 Oil on Canvas

"This amazing Swedish beauty was a treat to paint. I tried to create a painting that would capture her amazing physical grace along with her explosive personality" Mario

Here is some feedback from a few artist around the world.

(Anthea, Australia) Mario this is outstanding…full of heat, passion and fire…she is burning up she is sooooo hot…I love the liquid flames and the exquisite sexual energy you have created in this work Mario. Beautiful passionate colours in a fluid style…Stunning work.

(Mimi, Los Angeles USA) wow… massively hot… massively fiery… massively passionate… massively explosive… massively spicy… and it is so you, mario !! : )

(Vivian, Spain) powerfulfieryflamingbright ... and of course, yes, nothing compares to the original viewed at daylight or with sunshine, which I believe, will even get the spectators eyes burning and the body feeling heat waves while watching this wonderful painting!o


Original artwork created and copyrighted by TheArtistMario TheArtistMario