" ...and Flies"
24x36 Oil on Canvas

"This painting was inspired by a song I wrote some years ago that depicted the battle of an amazing woman that worked for me. We take for granted the blessing we have and too often turn our heads to the lives around us. She battled addiction, poverty as a result of that, a series of failed relationships, and many other impossible odds, all in an effort to find herself and the courage she needed for her children. I didn't pretend to understand her pain but chose not to ignore it."

She dreamed of a better place, The kind she'd never find
Released all of her pain and tears, she washed it from her mind
Shed of her dried up faith, she lifts her head up high
And leaps from the cliffs of doubt,spreads her wings
...and Flies


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Original artwork created and copyrighted by TheArtistMario TheArtistMario