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January 1 2009

It's just hard to believe another year has gone by. It may just be that I'm getting older at a rate accelerated far beyond everyone else. I may have to revisit Einstein's Theory of Relativity to ensure their isn't a "Mario Clause" which indicates that although you will feel no older than 18, in fact your days will accelerate in a manner which makes it hard for you to determine your actual age without referencing your fingers and mumbling basic addition and subtraction to determine your actual age. Never the less, I look back at this fantastic year and continue be thankful for the wonderful new friendships as well as the many renewed friendships. I am a man blessed with many friends and I am humbled with gratitude and energized with courage as a result of them.

If you have not already, you must see my newest painting "Cabo Flame" in the Brilliance gallery. Les and Wanda are new friends that I will cherish and creating this painting for them was a wonderful pleasure. I have no doubt that years from now Les will always make me laugh and visiting Wanda's artwork will always steal my imagination for a bit and take me on grand outdoor adventures (and remind me to take the time and strap on the backpack and get out there myself)... these are gifts without expiration dates.


November 25 2008

Posted "Ebullience Unveiled". Ohh, what can I say... this is a woman of striking beauty. So many folks saw me creating this painting and would go on and on about how incredible she is... I couldn't agree more. Her personality is of warmth, and good spirit which we should all envy. It was a real pleasure capturing her in oil.

Next up (and very soon I might add) is a beautiful woman who just so happens to be an amazing artist... I grovel at her creative feet


July 20 2008

Posted "Bello-Lucido-Elegante". I could go-on-and-on about how wonderful this painting was to do. I have known this couple for years so it was my honor and pleasure to get this commission. This gal has a class and elegance that is in a league of it's own. On my easel now... a wicked sexy Canadian aye! Wait till you see this beauty


June 15 2008

Finally posted "Sonar Solar". This was the painting I did while in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I LOVE painting in exotic locations. I enjoy the company of wonderful, wonderful people... hands down the very best part of getting out.

May 1 2008

We have a winner to the "American Woman" hidden meaning challenge (wow, that makes it sound like there was an obstacle course and water hazards). Go to the Brilliance Gallery for the answer.

April 9 2008

Posted "American Woman" and laid down the gauntlet for a challenge to anyone that thinks they can figure out the hidden meaning. Find out more in the "Brilliance" gallery. I will also be posting a wonderful painting titled "Sonar Solar" very soon so check back. Next up is an amazing beauty in Chicago

February 27 2008

Finally!... I accept credit cards. See the Prices / Ordering tab for details and the Information tab for current information on weather conditions in the Arctic Circle, ok not really but there is good information there.

February 19 2008

Own an iPhone? Check out the iPhone "Weekly Pic" Web App on this site. Also, if you add this page to your iPhone main screen you will see a special icon designed particularly for the iPhone .

January 31 2008

I Posted another painting in the Traditional Gallery "Father and Son". The feedback from this painting really made me stop and take a breath. I mention over and over why I love portrait painting and the feedback that I received on this simply couldn't capture my love for it any better. Long after we are all gone someone will know that this Father and Son had this moment, pride, happiness, and moment of bonding.

Up next, a new "Brilliance" painting that will grab you with conviction.

January 13 2008

Happy New Year... ahh the chaos of the lovely holidays has left me thinking I should be working on a means by which to clone myself. I have added five wonderful paintings of an incredible Lotus Elise cleverly named... "Elise" to the Traditional gallery. These paintings were a blast to paint. I will also be adding another painting very soon to the Traditional gallery and will soon be starting two Brilliance portraits... stay tuned!

October 17 2007

Added "La Pantera" to the Brilliance gallery. Very sexy gaze, check it out. OOOOH CAAAAA-na-da...

September 16 2007

Added "Saint Lucia Sunrise" and "Garden Gate" to the Traditional gallery. Both were created for an annual United Way auction. Aside from personally donating to the Woman's Safe-House via the United Way, I also am currently donating paintings for the art auction annually.

September 14 2007

Added new painting "Amor" to the Brilliance gallery. This was an adventure, read more about it by clicking on the thumbnail, but safe to say that this painting has traveled through countless US states before finally finding it's home in Venezuela.

I met the most amazing artist a few weeks ago, Natalie Blake. Had the pleasure of hanging with her and discussing every imaginable topic over drinks and a good storm.You can see her wonderful ceramic work at www.natalieblake.com (I might add that she is a wonderful singer as well). She lives in Vermont, USA but changes lives all around the world.

August 18 2007

Added an additional painting..."Temptation" (in the Traditional gallery) along with a couple others I failed to mention previously, "Goddess and the Champion" and "Jamie" (in the Brilliance gallery). Check back often, I have a tendency of adding and removing paintings with frequency. Also, please feel free to leave me your feedback if there is something in particular you would like to see added or if there are elements you just plain don't care for.

July 13 2007

I added some information regarding care, maintenance, and protecting your painting. Visit the Information page for details.

July 2 2007

I'm typing to the ambient sounds of Maxi-Priest and fireworks (I live out where fireworks are still legal... and where no-one has ever heard of Maxi-Priest). Welcome to my web-page! My developer has done a fabulous job with little to no direction from me, and hit the mark. Leave me feedback, requests, good, bad, it's all welcome. I typically spend computer time in the evenings then retreat to painting from 11:00p.m until about 3:30 or 4:00a.m CST. Sleep is a rare treat. Weather permitting, I live outside on the deck while home and try to go camping every few weeks (keeps the spirit in alignment). I often bring the laptop and work on compositions while camping but I'm sure it's the fact that I'm hearing a different symphony of tree frogs that makes me feel like I'm "away from it all". Well, the canvas beckons, I'll leave you with words borrowed time and time again... Oh baby,baby it's a wild world...LOVE Maxi's version.