Payment- Once we come to terms on the painting(s), I will direct you to the Ordering page so you can send half up front for me to begin. I will electronically bill you the other half after you receive the painting and are completely satisfied.

    • The final invoice will include;
      • The remaining balance
      • Applicable domestic taxes
      • Shipping charges only if canvas exceeds 36X48 or is being shipped Internationally. See Shipping below.
      • Duties and International Taxes that may be applicable based on final destination outside the USA. - This varies by country so you may wish to visit your countries import/export laws and regulations for additional details. I will do my best to identify these costs up front for you.

Models for Commissioned Work -The Models come to me with the intent that I take their photo for the purpose of Portrait Painting or Photo Art (Digital Art). These I work with priority and passion because you have seen my work and love it. There is no greater compliment!

Solicited Models -
This simply means that I came to you because something about you stole my breath. I use these photos to create Non-Commissioned paintings either for gallery showings, sales, or personal collection (portfolio).